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Grand Master Address


Appreciation of each other


If there were no challenges to overcome could we really appreciate living ?

If we never knew sadness how would we appreciate joy ?

If we never experience pain how could we know

the real and true feeling of pleasure ?


If we hate the darkness we can’t really never love

the light and before we curse the problems,

let’s keep in mind that they are what give value to

our accomplishments.


Life's greatest treasures are those which we give the most commitment to and those who we appreciate. Let us look at our challenges and difficulties as blessings in the making. The more you put into life, the more rewarding it will become.


 Dark and depressing days are filled with incredible opportunities , we  just have to take the time to see those opportunities, know them and live them, and when the bright days come we will be overjoyed and we will appreciate them. So let’s stop hindering, prohibiting, preventing and barring each other. Let’s stop holding each other back, let’s appreciate each other more and let’s grow together.


We all know that the world throws all sorts of difficult challenges our way but we can find a way to transcend every one of them. All we have to do is choose to do so. We must make the commitment, deep within ourselves to live with a powerful and persistence life of fulfillment. And we can only do this with respect and appreciation of each other.


There will be many occurrences, incidents, people and situations that will challenge us and impede our progress. However, the only limitations that can stop any of us completely are the limitations we place on ourselves. Doubts and limiting beliefs are of no use and we must choose to let them go.


If we expect to receive greatness without providing greatness in return, we will be painfully disappointed. Greatness, by its very nature, cannot flow only in one direction for very long.

We must remain focus to acquire the greatness that we seek and there will be time we will experience frustration but we must keep moving forward and never give up or give in no matter what. I remember the words of a great friend and brother The Honorable Kenneth Campfield many years ago when he addressed the Grand Lodge and when he finished his address he asked the question, “What Are You Prepare to Do?” As I now stand before you as Grand Master, I echo the question once again, What are we prepared to do?”


Let us focus on all the good and valuable things that God has blessed us with, the mercy that God has granted to each of us and let us become more appreciating to each other.  When we do this our eyes will be opened to the greatest blessing that we could imagine and that blessing is each other. Brotherhood and Sisterhood lays the foundation for unity, respect and honor are the walls that shelter us, God’s Love, Grace and Mercy is our covering, .. My Brothers and sister, can you see the house..but a house is not a home if you don’t have furniture and the furniture that we need for this house is our appreciation of each other.    


Appreciation is a dynamic thing that’s always in motion , it’s like an electric current, if appreciation ceases to move, it ceases to be.

To experience appreciation flowing into your life, then appreciation must be flowing out from you and it is just that simple.


Yes there will always be circumstances that will try to work against each of us, but we don’t give up nor do we give in, we pull together and stand together and when we are on one accord , nothing can stop us but ourselves. There are opportunities in every moment to create real, unique and substantial unity among ourselves and that unity will grow in our communities. Let’s make the most of those opportunities and when we do we will see them grow.


Our dreams are calling to us right now; they are calling for us to begin living them in this very moment. We must stop holding ourselves back, and be all we know that we can be. But In order for us to feel that immeasurable power that is in each of us, we must be willing to welcome it, we must appreciate it.


The way we feel connects us to the truth of who we are, so by accepting and acknowledge those feelings, each day that truth becomes increasingly clear.

We familiarize ourselves with the full extent of the power we have by fully feeling the beautiful reality of who we are and appreciating all the blessing that God has given us. We have to learn to be willing to bless others , encourage others, uplift others and when these times come to pass we will appreciate ourselves more , but also others will honor and appreciate us because of who we are and the work that we do.


When negative and undesirable attitudes come our way, we must be just as willing to let them go, so they never have a strong hold or burden on us.


With all that I have said let me end by saying this, feel the life that is yours in each moment you live. Feel the truth, feel the positive power, and make a uniquely and beautiful life with it all, strength our order with it. Appreciate when we are , appreciate where we came from, and appreciate what we had to overcome. Let us remember those who made the way for us to be here right now and let us appreciate what so many have left here for us. Let us appreciate ourselves and appreciate each other.


May God Bless each of us and all of us and may we bless and Appreciate each other.


Until Such Time I remain,

The Honorable Craig Mitchell

Grand Master of Masons

United Grand Lodge Of Georgia A.F & A.Y.M.


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